Arita2016/ Latitude for uniqueness

May, 2016

I set out to explore the raw material used in the production of Arita (JP) porcelain. I visited the quarries and factories where the famous Arita porcelain clay is gathered and processed and found that the kaolin harvested from in and around Arita was especially pure, leaving just a tiny amount of waste. However, these small deposits of mineral waste gave me and Sehyo pottery enough material to develop seven new colours specific to Arita and one new clay body. Like me, Sehyo is a specialist in material investigation.

As the new colours and clay incorporate leftover material from the regular manufacturing, the resulting tableware is made completely from a single source of raw material. The new clay body I have developed is made using a mixture of Kaolin and black Amakusa stone. Normally, white Amakusa stone is used in the preparation of Arita porcelain and the black is discarded. The emphasis is on the unique colour palette and so the collection consists of basic shapes in two series; the first demonstrates the seven new pigments and the second grey series is made from the new clay body.

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